Basement living room

Whether to renovate, finish, or build a basement, the project is long and complex. To carry out trouble-free work and obtain the basement of your dreams. This article outlines the different types of basements and the advantages and disadvantages they present. So before rolling up your sleeves, read everything in detail to carry out a quick and efficient project!

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The finished basement, a space with multiple benefits

The first advantage of having a finished basement is that you will be able to expand your living space. By having more space, you will be able to choose how you will use this surface for your daily life. Ideally, this room should meet an important need such as a work space, comfort, or necessary privacy.

You can also use this space for your secondary entertainment-related goals. You can then transform your basement into a cinema room, play area, gym, or even a guest bedroom! Whether for your fun activities or to welcome people from time to time, the basement is a very useful bonus space!

Basement living room

Additional living space

If you have a family, creating a games room in the basement is an excellent project. You can bring all the guests together around a common place to have fun! Whether it’s video games, board games, or even small attractions, everyone will find what they’re looking for.

The cinema room is also a very popular and modern idea. Having a cinema room fascinates as much as it pleases the public and guests. This offers everyone a pleasant experience and an unforgettable memory! The gym can be a brand choice for fitness enthusiasts. Having a personal gym is a luxury for any athlete! And this, even if ventilation is a condition to take into account during the work. As for work offices, it is a very interesting project at a time of the development of teleworking. To have a room dedicated to concentration and tranquility, you know what to do with your basement!

Cinema room design in basement

But that’s not all, there are other alternatives for your basement! You can also make it a less used room where you will store your passions. For example, you can make a pretty wine cellar or even a splendid library! You can also opt for a music room without disturbing the entire neighborhood. Especially since the basement diffuses less noise than the other rooms. In the end, you can choose any type of room for your basement. Everything, as long as it corresponds to something that you like and will serve you regularly.

Significant constraints in terms of regulations

Decorating your basement makes you want to do it! But it is a project that may turn out to be more complex than expected since several constraints will arise before you. In this part of the article, you will find all of these constraints, standards, or regulations to take into account when the time for the work comes.

Technical rules

When fitting out your basement, you will be confronted with important technical aspects that must be taken into account. And this, during your work to avoid large-scale unforeseen events. In these essential aspects, we find the tightness of the part. But also the ventilation or ventilation of the latter but also the electricity and plumbing.

First of all, you must check that your basement is waterproof. It is an underground room that is therefore in continuous contact with humid environments. If the waterproofing is not sufficient, the walls will start to mold quite quickly. And your room will then turn into a nightmarish vision! It is therefore absolutely essential to ensure adequate waterproofing in your basement. The goal is to provide your residents with a dry and ergonomic room.

Basement ventilation

It is obviously necessary to check the ventilation of the room, it is also directly linked to humidity! If the air quality would be naturally damaged your health would be put at risk. But ventilation also filters the air to avoid excess humidity or the stagnation of bad odors. Good ventilation for fresh, quality air is essential for your basement!

Plumbing and electricity

Finally, you must also check that the plumbing and electricity are up to standard. When designing your basement, these are very important factors to take into account. Whether in terms of safety or comfort and functionality. Plumbing and electricity are also essential criteria. If a kitchen or a bathroom must be installed there, it will be necessary to anticipate significant and sufficient water supplies. And above all, it will have to be done in multiple places! Plumbing and water pipes should be taken care of and checked during installation.

In the same vein, it will be necessary to plan for electricity arrivals. Especially if you plan to have a room filled with appliances or with lots of light. Between the installation of electrical outlets and inlets in the ceiling, it will be necessary to create a large electrical circuit. But also enough so that it can handle all that power consumption. You will therefore have to plan these installations and the layout of the junction boxes.

Strict standards and regulations

The development of a basement is inevitably subject to strict regulations and standards in force. Safety and construction standards are both important for administrative reasons, but also because your survival is at stake! Let us first note that these standards and regulations may be specific depending on the regions which may have specific laws. It is therefore important to find out about any special statuses before starting your work.

Thermal and sound insulation

Concerning thermal insulation, the objective is to reduce heat loss to protect the environment. All while making savings through our reduction in energy consumption. It is essential to respect the required standards for thermal insulation. Both for lower costs and for your comfort. For experts, the minimum thermal resistance of ceilings must be R=5.5 5.5 m².K/W for the roof. And R= 3.7 5.5 m².K/W for the walls. For amateurs, hand it over to a basement finishing professional who will understand these calculations!

For sound insulation, there are standards aimed at reducing external and internal noise pollution. The basement generally implies better sound insulation, unless all neighboring buildings consist of basements. Basements must therefore have acoustic insulation of at least 58 decibels between two rooms. And at least 63 decibels for the ceiling. To do this, you must treat the surfaces of the room, whether the walls, ceiling, or floor, with insulating materials.

Ceiling height

To have a basement corresponding to construction standards for living rooms, you must respect the minimum ceiling height. Living rooms must have a minimum ceiling height of 2.20 meters. For storage rooms, the ceiling height must be at least 1.80 meters. Your basement must therefore comply with strict construction standards regarding the height of your ceiling. Otherwise, the room will be uncomfortable and unusable.

Safety standards

Fire safety standards are very strict in Canada. This makes it possible to avoid the setbacks suffered by many countries such as the United States. These standards aim to predict, warn, and even anticipate fire risks. Your basement will normally be secure. To limit the spread of flames. Particularly with fire alarms, smoke detectors, and automatic fire extinguishers. The basement must therefore have closed access to the stairs, and also equipped with safety devices.

Emergency exits have minimum dimensional standards for doors and windows. You may find this curious, but it’s actually about having properly sized emergency escape exits. Emergency exits must be easy to access and visible, in order to minimize confusion in panic.

Multiple and varied layout options

A leisure room

If you want to convert your basement into a leisure room, you will have to create a comfortable and entertaining environment. Whether it’s board games, video games, or even written hobbies like sudoku or crosswords, your room should be spacious and pleasant. Whether for adults or children, users of this leisure room must be able to escape. The objective of this room is both to rest but also to chat with others in the privacy of your home.

Since a leisure room involves the use of multiple forms of entertainment, you will have to adapt it to your tastes and wishes. If you are planning to install a children’s leisure room, you will need to install physical play areas for letting off steam, board game areas for thinking, and video game areas for entertainment. Conversely, an adult entertainment room may involve the installation of a pool table, a board game table, a video game area, and many other things.

Leisure room in the basement in Oshawa Canada

Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is decide on the materials you are going to use for your construction. Knowing that the basement is a humid area, you must use solid materials that are resistant to humidity and wear. You can notably opt for tiles, or polished concrete for the floor covering. Their durability, resistance to humidity, and simple cleaning are highly appreciated and make them a brand choice.

To create a pleasant, friendly, and relaxing space, you can install seats, adaptable lighting, and storage areas to put aside unused games.

A guest room

If you are planning to set up a guest bedroom in your basement, you must ensure good ventilation in the room. A living room must also have a natural light source, although it is complex to have a window in a basement. Although this criterion is much preferable, it nonetheless remains optional. You can possibly create skylights to remedy this problem. Don’t forget that in a room, sound insulation is essential and that heat must be well preserved for total ergonomics. With this, your guests will feel at home!

If the primary elements such as the bed or a wardrobe must be arranged in the room, it will also be necessary to dress it with a little personality! After all, we’re talking about YOUR guest room, your guests need to remember that. To provide a welcoming atmosphere, you can add a little greenery, a few magazines, and paintings! If you have the necessary space, you can also add a rest area or a desk in the bedroom, with an armchair.

Basement guest room in oshawa

If you have a large basement, you can create a suite from this guest bedroom that leads directly to a powder room! Your guests will thus be in optimal comfort with added privacy. That said, the work will have to be particularly diligent in terms of water and electricity supplies in which case, careful planning is necessary. Whether it’s a simple sink or even an additional shower, the room will be optimal or it won’t be! Don’t neglect insulation, humidity, ventilation, and these types of criteria, which are all the more important in a bathroom, especially in the basement.

Storage room

Finally, if your apartment lacks storage space, you can always turn to your basement to no longer have problems! To maximize the space in your basement and have an uncluttered apartment, you can install shelves, storage drawers, cabinets, or even sliding doors to hide everything you need to hide.

By maintaining good organization, your storage space will allow you to have a pleasant and uncluttered living space, so you can breathe happily in your rooms! You will need solid materials to support all your storage, so choose furniture made from solid wood or sturdy steel. Be careful not to turn your basement into a place where you pile up everything without tidying or sorting anything.

Storage shelves in the basement

To avoid this, you will need to make a functional plan of your room dedicated to storage to maximize the available space while benefiting from the surface area to ensure good circulation in the room. You will be able to see clearly when storing, or searching for, carefully stored accessories! For this, you need strong and adequate lighting so as not to search in the darkness for items lost in the middle of storage.

Finally, never forget that efficient and well-presented storage space is a real plus in a house for sale! So if you play this joker to the fullest and carry out quality basement work, you can offer a real advantage to your apartment, whether for an immediate or future sale!

Basement styles for all tastes

But beyond the function of your basement, there are a variety of styles to give to your room. Here is a small catalog of the main styles, to give you ideas!

Minimalist style

Minimalism is a trend directly linked to modernity, which favors the refined side of a room. Basement design with a minimalist style is a growing trend, combining simplicity and elegance. To have a functional and aesthetic space, the minimalist style consists of high-quality materials and furniture. With muted colors, geometric shapes, and smooth textures, the goal is to provide a simple appearance.

Sofas and armchairs are often made of leather. Otherwise, tables and some shelves are generally made of metal or glass. While there may be a few plants or decorative accessories, they should be both simple and sober, but also a few to lighten the room.

Minimalist style basement in Oshawa

The minimalist and industrial style is best for a spacious basement and a space that inspires lightness. You must remove all superfluous or unnecessary elements, your room will thus be aesthetic and refined.

By keeping a light surface with white walls and windows, your room will look vibrant, so it will look even bigger and more spacious. You have to aim for simplicity, that’s the whole objective of this style. You will therefore have a space that combines simplicity, elegance, and space, all to promote the functional aspect of your basement!

Industrial style

In the same register as the minimalist style, the industrial style brings a certain sobriety which is becoming more and more popular. This style which brings rusticity and authenticity appears less modern than minimalism, but just as refined. As its name suggests, the industrial style finds its inspiration in factories and warehouses, where raw materials are stored before processing.

In this style of decoration, we find brick walls, concrete floors, and steel beams. These elements can be combined and adapted perfectly to a basement. The furniture or furnishings are mainly made of metal, with a worn appearance which brings this rustic touch to the room. The latter brings a certain warmth with its dark and deep colors such as black, brown, or even gray.

Industrial style basement in Oshawa

As for decorative accessories, there should also be a few here to recall the simplicity of the industrial style. The decorations present must often be made of steel, with geometric and raw shapes. We can find visible elements like pipes to reveal the industrial side.

Robust and authentic, the industrial style offers an aesthetic, functional, and rustic piece to users. This style is ideal for the basement, as industrial relates perfectly to it. With the use of raw materials and industrial elements in the decor, the architecture of the place becomes very special and will please your guests!

Traditional style

Appreciated by lovers of quality materials, the traditional style offers a vintage side that has come back into fashion recently. The modified material such as aged leather or solid wood brings a touch that is both luxurious and old which gives the piece an unrivaled rarity. This time, it’s not the decoration that’s missing!

Between oriental rugs and artistic accessories for decoration, the traditional look is supported by a colorful and warm appearance. There are also chandeliers or light fixtures to illuminate the room. Aesthetically, there are table lamps in bronze or even brass with a fabric lampshade to recall the 70s.

Traditional style basement in Oshawa Canada

To furnish your basement in a traditional style, you can, for example, paint your walls in bright, warm colors, or with patterned wallpaper. Furniture should be sturdy and decorated with detailed finishes, such as carved solid wood furniture. You can also finish the table legs or chair backs, as was done in the past. As for sofas or armchairs, they should be in leather or velvet, but high-end fabric like damask is also ideal!

Some decorative additions

While the traditional style can be a bit formal and old-fashioned in appearance, you can add a touch of modernity to it by combining your tastes. By adding decorative elements or colors that inspire you, the room can have a new charm if the new elements are in continuity with the traditional style.

For example, you can add blown glass accessories or stainless steel accessories like table lamps. It is important to keep in mind that the traditional style is a lively and luxurious style, which contrasts with modern minimalism.

Rustic style

If you are looking to have a comfortable and welcoming basement, the rustic style is for you! This style finds its inspiration from Mother Nature, with her log cabins and all these natural decorations. Whether it is wood, stone, or leather, the rustic style recalls the old, the natural, the raw, and above all the pleasant. The authenticity of this style brings out an originality that will please all visitors to your basement!

The colors that make up the rustic style are called “earthy”, we find in particular beige, green, or even brown to offer a warm atmosphere. The aged-looking wooden furniture and soft, floral fabrics inspire a very pleasant tranquility.

Rustic style basement in Oshawa Canada

As for accessories, there are various lighting fixtures. Between wood, metal, or wrought iron, you have the choice to illuminate your basement! The charm of the rustic style emerges mainly from the materials that make up the decoration of the room, such as wicker baskets, colorful cushions, or paintings embodying nature and the wild side. The aim is to inspire residents with a feeling of warmth caused by the lively and imposing colors of the rustic style.

The rustic style is the most suitable if your basement is intended to become a workshop! Any DIY enthusiast will enjoy working in a room made primarily of wood. This natural atmosphere will inspire you during your design and construction phases. You might even be able to create some decorations yourself to add space to this room! By creating accessories from natural materials, you will be able to personalize your space with ease!

Contemporary style

Finally, the contemporary style offers an ideal decorative style for the basement. This style combines modern materials, clean lines, and bright colors. If you are a fan of modern and sophisticated pieces, the contemporary style is made for you!

The contemporary-style basement will have walls painted in warm and bright colors, such as blue, red, or even green. This originality contrasts with the sobriety of the modern style and will surprise your guests! The furniture is in geometric and rectilinear shapes, often in metal, glass, leather, or even plastic. This diversity promoted by the contemporary style combines originality and liveliness, which allows the room to have a certain dynamism, ideal for the basement.

Contemporary style basement in Oshawa Canada

As for accessories, they have a decisive role in contemporary style. There are usually steel lamps, abstract art on paintings, multi-colored cushions, and colorful rugs. To play with this mix of colors, you can also place mirrors in various places in the room. It will offer a diversifying and pleasant mix and play of colors, with a feeling of depth and infinity to your basement.

In the middle of all these colors, you can imagine that lighting plays a key role! Ideally, it is best to install recessed lights in the walls or ceiling so that they blend in with the room’s decor. You will be able to light up the walls and bring out the colors and living spaces. You can install floor lamps to illuminate important areas. Also, don’t hesitate to put curtains on the windows to provide a sober appearance. With everything, the atmosphere will be warm, colorful, and very original!


That’s it, you now have all the cards in hand to renovate the basement of your dreams without any problem! So that your project does not remain in the basement of your list of objectives, take care not to miss any of the information previously mentioned. Once everything is finished, sit back and enjoy your accomplishment!
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